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Warp Speed - Usain Bolt of Jamaica

The Mind-Bending Speed of Usain Bolt

The 2000 Summer Olympics, Marion Jones

The 1996 Summer Olympics, Michael Johnson

The 1996 Summer Olympics, Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis of The USA

The 1992 Summer Olympics, Carl Lewis of The USA

The 1992 Summer Olympics, Gail Devers of The USA

Jackie Joyner Kersee of The USA

Mike Powell

Michael Johnson

The 1988 Summer Olympics, Florence Griffith Joyner

Florence Griffith Joyner

The 1984 Summer Olympics, Carl Lewis

Dwight Stones

Carl Lewis

The 1983 Sportswomen of the Year, Mary Decker

Mary Decker

Steve Scott

Mary Decker

Bill Rogers

Sebastian Coe

Eamonn Coghlan

Bill Rogers

Filbert Bayi

Mike Boit

The 1976 Summer Olympics, Bruce Jenner

Frank Shorter

Brian Oldfield

Filbert Bayi

Steve Smith

George Frenn

The 1966 Sportsman of the Year, Jim Ryun

Jim Ryun

NCAA's Jim Ryun

Jim Ryun

The 1960 Summer Olympics, Jim Beatty

The 1959 Sportsman of the Year, Rafer Johnson

Phil Reavis of The Wildcats

John Landy

Charles Maute of The Pirates

Tom Courtney of The Rams

The 1955 Sportsman of the Year, Roger Bannister